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Equine Emergency Services (EES) is a purely equine-based company that deals with stray and roaming horses on both public and private land. The emphasis is on both the horse and the client and not just the easiest solution.

Horses are removed to a top quality location that can cater for every single need of the horse, leaving the client free from any future legal reprisals. The location is both secure and secluded to ensure the safety of all involved. As such all communications are normally completed confidentially by email, mobile number or PO Box as decided with the client.

The company specialises in “All Inclusive” quotations and, because we are an equine company first and foremost, all services are maintained in-house so we do not have to sub-contract any of our work and thus we can pass the saving on to you, the client.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to make contact via email: ees1@mail.com

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