We provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of stray and roaming horses.
  • 24hr call out service
  • Immediate response service
  • Police recommended/assisted
  • Secure holding compound
  • Full CCTV coverage
  • Fully insured and DEFRA approved
  • Vet and Farrier registered
  • All horses are rehomed (not slaughtered)
  • Inclusive vet and farrier treatment
All seized horses are advertised to enable genuine owners to reclaim their animals, proof of ownership is required (i.e. passport) and a penalty fee is applicable which is decided in writing with the client.

All horses are scanned for microchips on collection to determine identifiable, registered horses.

If a penalty fee is paid, unregistered horses are passported and microchipped prior to being returned to the owner to help prevent a re-occurring problem

All-Inclusive price includes:

  • Livery
  • Gelding if required, usually £249 per horse.
  • All veterinary care…averaging £200-£250 per horse at present
  • Farrier £60 per horse, possibly more if corrective shoes required
  • All passports and microchips, £145 per horse including vet call out charge.

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